Crypto Venture & Angel Investors

Crypto ventures are a kind of private equity (% of the market value of the project) holders and startup booster where they invest in new and small projects for long term profit.

And Angel Investors are rich private investors who make initial investments in small projects themselves, take some ownership shares of the project and later go out with a profit in any cell (ICO, IPO). They also help small ventures.

How does a crypto venture work?

Crypto Ventures are basically a team of individuals or individual investors who create ventures. Investors can usually be involved in a venture for 2-46. They usually know the concept of the project through some investing platforms, team details and hobbies before investing.

After knowing, it is Nikesh’s turn to calculate investment and token allocation/equity. The more equity in a good project or the lower the token price, the better. In this case, the money that the venture will give to the project may be in the vesting period depending on the performance.

How is the profit allowcations?

A venture into the field with a 5-10 year investment plan Later that fate is decided. In this way, profit analysis is done every year and the profit is shared accordingly. There is a very interesting thing here !!!!

Ventures have a manager who manages the funds and invests funds in the project from the investor. His profit is different and that profit can be called.

Can a venture be invested in any project?

The answer is yes and no again. There is a lot of competition among the ventures. If you want to be a partner in 10 ventures, you must do more than just money. Maybe you helped the project with connection or industry. Or visit the marketing and public relations department of the project or help in partnership. If it is a new venture, you have to show these benefits along with money.

I did not find much in the way of legal issues. That is to say, permission to buy your token from ICO, a sign of investors and agreement at the time of investment in the project.

What is the risk and profit ratio of investment through venture?

It will depend entirely on the projects invested. Very good profit is possible if you invest in a good project. On the other hand, if you do a bad project, there is a possibility of total loss.

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